Over the last few years, making regular appearances on our tv has been a program produced in Western Australia called “Aussie Gold Hunters”, this was long before border closures and COVID-19.

I had been busy planning a road trip across the centre of Australia to Alice Springs but to be fair the word “road” was stretching it a bit, I was planning a drive through the desert on not much more than a dirt track, the alternative, using bitumen really would have been the long way round with the amount of kilometres involved almost double. It would mean roughing it a bit and while Debbie was happy with the idea of the trip the bush camping did not really capture her imagination.

Once I mentioned that we would be travelling through the heart of the goldfields and introduced the idea of doing a little Aussie Gold Hunting of our own along the way, Debbie started to come around to the idea.

We had no prospecting experience or equipment but decided that the Christmas holidays might be a good opportunity to have a little practice, both of prospecting and of bush camping. So the day after Boxing Day we put a tent and what little camping equipment that we had into the car and set off to Reeds (the local prospecting shop) to hire a metal detector on route to the goldfields.

You can follow our adventures as we learn how and how NOT to prospect for gold in the posts here.

We hope you enjoy.

Debbie & Wayne