Late December 2019

Aaron, Reeds owner is very good at his job and we left his store having not hired a metal detector but being the proud owners of a Minelab Equinox 800 machine, complete with all the accessories we were told we would need.

Finally, we hit the road. I had done a little YouTube research and found where we could legally prospect and Debbie had obtained the appropriate Miners Rights licenses that were required. We had also joined APLA which proved invaluable in helping to set us on the right path. We decided that an area near Bullfinch would be a good place to start. It is now a ghost town but in its heyday produced an abundance of the gold stuff and I figured that they must have left a little bit for us to find.

We found our spot on the tenament, just a kilometre or so from the road and set up camp. It was beautiful and so peaceful but we also found out very quickly why Gold Hunting not a summer activity.

Sunset at our first Bush Camp.
Debbies first swing.