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Ten months in, what do I think of our Mobi Nomad?

It’s fair to say that we both love it, but it has not been without its issues. Within a few weeks it was back to the factory having new fridge fitted. It was not that it didn’t work, it just worked a little too well and everything ended up frozen. To be fair to Claude, he was happy to instal a new one without a fuss. At the same time the water heater was not working but it was as simple as a blockage in the tap, easily solved.

After our first trip, we quickly discovered that the capacity of the water tanks where not as advertised and not by just a little. Claude assured me that this was not known to him at the point of sale and again he has been very obliging when it comes to sorting out the problem. Mobi is back at the factory as I write this having the tank issue resolved.

There has been an issue with the folding sink that trapped a water pipe which split. Fortunately, we were at a camp site when this happened so the loss of water was not a major problem, and I managed a quick “bush repair” as we had a Bunnings close by, another issue being looked at while back at the factory.

On our last trip one of the fans stopped working for few weeks but seems to have sorted itself out. More worrying is the small crack that has appeared in the kitchen door, again Claude has assured me that he will deal with it.

One piece of advice I would give anyone who upgrades to a Queen size bed is to have the little bed “shelves” installed, to support the mattress on the sides and at the bottom.

Oh, and the Microwave went bang on its first use, but that is being replaced as well.

So overall, what do I think? It is a great little unit, it is easy to tow, very comfortable and we can’t wait to get out in her much more in the future. The finish could be a little better but as this is our first caravan, we do not have anything to compare it with. We were unhappy with the noise the water pump made but it appears nearly all RV pumps make a similar if not louder noise, so its really about expectations.

I would give the unit 4 stars, only because I feel some of the fittings could be of a higher quality but otherwise its fantastic. Claude, so far, I would give his service 5 stars. I only hope that as his business expands, he can maintain the quality of the company’s relationships with its customer and the level of services and care that he currently provides.

Would I recommend a Mobi? Absolutely.

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  1. Leonard North

    That is cool 😎 I love it !

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