We set off for the Goldfields once again, on Friday afternoon to get a head start, as we were towing, I knew the journey would take a little longer than usual. We found a lovely little free camp for our first night at the site of the old, abandoned township of Doodlakine about 250klms from home.

After a bacon sandwich for breakfast and a short stroll to visit the old well, we were on the road again about 8-00 am, after about an hour it went a little south. Plumes of grey smoke and a complete loss of power suggests a broken turbo, but what we don’t know yet is the extent of any engine damage. What we do know is that it cost us $2200-00 to get the car and caravan back to Perth. The car is at a local mechanic, and we are awaiting the call with a diagnosis. Either way, it will not be cheap!

Doodlakine free camp.
About 45 klm’s east of Merredin.
Heading back to Perth.